Best UK Casinos

 # Online Casino Bonus
1 William Hill £150
2 UK Casino Club £100
3 Betfair Casino £200
4 Jackpot City £200
5 32Red Casino £160
6 Go Wild Casino £200
7 Red Flush £150
8 Spin Palace £150
9 Casino Plex £500
10 All Slots Casino £200

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Casino Myths

Online Casino Live Roulette UK Gambling

People have belief about legends and myths from the beginning of this world and it is believed that this will stay strong until the world ends. Megabucks jackpot is the most valued jackpot of slots because it starts with 7 million and the amount is increasing after every spin a player played the game. These slots are arranged by the online casinos and people said this will be arranged in most of the casinos but there is no news until today to win that jackpot.

Online Casino Myths

A man named Kirk Tolman played the game with 2 coins instead on 3 coins that the machine required in 2001 and he hit the jackpot symbol in the pay line when the amount was about 7.9 million but the casino did not pay him more than £10000 because he did not fulfill the requirement of the jackpot. He talked with his friend that he mistakenly did the mistake of playing with 2 coins instead of 3 coins at a time.

There is another legend that in the year 1997, casinos had to replace their carpets regularly because Asian people or players usually play longer time than other players and they took long time for the bathroom breaks. There is another tale than gamblers were using soft and cool underwear to have greater chances in gambling but there is no truth about this tale.

Myths of Slots

1. Machines of playing slots are destroying time to time because of the use of holy water with the slots coins in the machine and for that cause the chips are not working properly.


If a player use water in the machine then that will not work with the metal of the machine if the water is holy or unholy and this was applicable in the past when older slots machines worked and water could harm the working procedure of slots machines but only liquid that could be water or juice or anything liquid.

2. Slots machines have some point where a person is always seeing the players and that person will decide which player will win the jackpot.


All slots machines work indecently and there is no way to control these machines by the casino.

3. Players can't play with a machine what awarded the winner recently.


Random number will come every time of a slot machine and winning a jackpot for each spin of the machine chances are same.

4. Three 7's has more winning chances than other combinations so casinos are now paying smaller amount for hitting three 7's to avoid large payment.


Chances to win jackpot is same for each spin and combination and there is no scientific method that can allow that three 7's has more odds than other combinations.

5. Never use a coin is a machine and then play with other machines or stop because that can harm the Rhythm of the machine.


Rhythm is nothing for slots machine and if you play with a single coin or multiple coin then the winning odds will be according to your winning chances not by the rhythm of the machine.

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