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The List of Popular Casino Movies

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Casino based movies are really popular and most of the casino games based movies are really profitable. There are about 50 movies have been made based on gambling and there are movies where gambling was not the main part but have critical role on the whole movie. Some of the popular casinos gambling based movies are listed below:

Casino Royale

Casino Royale

(Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, MadsMikkelsen, John Cleese, Released in 2006)

Mikkelsen was a bank man who was connected with terrorists of different countries and also a great poker player and he tried to use the money to play poker and win more using that money but Bond was such a player in the movie and he tried to stop him to do this. He tried to learn the lesson of a poker table to not trust anyone but first chance he lost all his money but in the second chance with the money of a CIA agent he won all the money and the movie going on.


(Clive Owen, 1998)

The movie based on the unusual section of the gambling world. This movie was based on the dealers view and all the story of the movie based on it. This movie plot is the London where other casino movies plots were Las Vegas or Atlantic City. In this movie, you can see the other part of the gambling world and you will learn everything has another side that is totally opposite and you will learn a lot form this movie.

Best Bit: Owen showed off the skill when he was applying for the job.

The Cooler

(William H. Macy, Maria Bello, Alec Baldwin, 2003)

What is Bernie seems to be the failure of the bona fide. Baldwin takes a opportunity of Bernie's opportunities to turn the fate for the hot-streak gambler at the online casino game who works for the manager of casino. Bernie's life turns for the better when he meets with Bello.

Baldwin wants to go long way by keeping Bernie and his and his extra ordinary skills at online casino game.

Greatest bit: Barnie and Natalie convene in the 1st place and Bernie understands the legal cause of that.

Ocean's 11

(George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Andy Garcia, 2001)

Rat pack comedy is a kind of classical comic movie that is remarkable since the this movie 11 vileness want to heist a bank with the amount $150 million in jump and all of this from 3 main Las Vegas casinos (MGM Grand, Mirage and Bellagio). Terry Benedict won this casinos who is the dating Tess (Roberts)and the old girl friend of the leader of the 11 Oceans .That is the reason of the whole action and that is though much more special.

Ocean 11 is a very much popular movie of action-packed, it have several drama act of the time of Hollywood influential and immediately as in the real.

Greatest bet: Heist preparation and implementation


(Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone, 1995)

In Las Vegas this cruel criminal story takes place. The movie of Martin Scorsese's is basically the real fact of the event of Strip Hotel of Las Vegas. This movie is the story of criminal built and the events of that time when they failed to the criminal activities.

Nicky Santaro (Pesci) and Sam "Ace" Rothstein build it for the business purpose around at the Tangier's casino. Ginger the wife of Ace was unpleased with the marriage with Ace and then turned to Nicky. The overall situation is going out of control and the same time the mafia is losing balance in the Las Vegas.

Tangiers casinos revokes the history of Stardust casino but never existed. Though many of the event took place at the Las Vegas Casino and at Riviera.

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