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2 UK Casino Club £100
3 Betfair Casino £200
4 Jackpot City £200
5 32Red Casino £160
6 Go Wild Casino £200
7 Red Flush £150
8 Spin Palace £150
9 Casino Plex £500
10 All Slots Casino £200

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Casino Cheating

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Gambling has always been one of the most popular and widespread people's entertainments since ancient times and it is logically that there have been also developed a huge variety of various incredible and even amazing gambling cheating methods.

Let us describe most interesting cases in spheres of blackjack, roulette, slots and other popular casino games.

Past Posting Cheating

Online Casino Cheating

Generally, past posting, or late betting, is one of the most widespread gambling cheating methods as it is rather easy in its implementation and is suitable for all casino entertainments, which involve the procedure of making bets.

The sense of past posting is that cheaters stake after all other gamblers have already made their bets, so they possess more information than the others. Therefore, cheaters could access the chances more precisely and in such way have an advantage over usual players and the dealer.

The term ' past posting' originated from horse racing when players try to make additional bets or change the previous ones after buglers say the phrase 'Call to the post', which means that the racing has already started.

In blackjack past posting is considered in case if you place or replace the chips after the dealer says 'No more bets' while in roulette game you would be regarded as a cheater if make bet after the ball lands in some of the pockets in roulette wheel.

Cheating with cards

There are mainly two methods of cards cheating: hand mucking and marking the cards.

In the first case casino cheaters just palm some cards that are more favorable for them and then during the play exchange them for those cards that they are dealt and which could bring losing result.

In the second case there is a great variety of methods how players could mark certain cards, so they would know what cards the dealer and other players hold and use this information to adapt their playing strategies in favor for them.

Cheating by cooperation with other players

Sometimes it is very useful to have some mates in gambling games, so they would make signals for you about the current situation at particular playing table.

In case it is favorable, then cheaters make bets of larger size and win more than they would win being non-informed and staking lower-sized amounts.

Slots cheating

Although in slots players compete against slot machines while human factor is not involved a lot, there are still some methods how to increase your chances of winning.

The most popular cheating systems are associated with small lasers, which could interrupt normal slot machines performance, so they would provide huge rewards, or just with using a coin on a sting that could be inserted into the apparatus and taken back after gambling.

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