Best UK Casinos

 # Online Casino Bonus
1 William Hill £150
2 UK Casino Club £100
3 Betfair Casino £200
4 Jackpot City £200
5 32Red Casino £160
6 Go Wild Casino £200
7 Red Flush £150
8 Spin Palace £150
9 Casino Plex £500
10 All Slots Casino £200

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Online Blackjack Odds

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Online Blackjack Odds

You have to know all the rules of blackjack to play the game. Odds of the game are something that you have to understand clearly and you have to know the working procedure of house edge in blackjack. You have to learn to minimize the house edge to null or void and for some cases, you also have to learn how you can use the odds of the game in your favor to beat the house and its edge. The house always plays last in every blackjack game so they always have this advantage to show the players its hand that other can't get in a game.

When they have the opportunity to act last, they can wait until all players are decided to their hands and some can bust or get point over 21 so they can win their betting amount before the dealer acts in the game. If the game is played with six decks then the dealer has 8% chances to win for each player, so for the whole deck the dealer will win more than the player will win. Their winning chance is 58% where all players have winning chance 42%.

If the player can use the basic blackjack strategy then the players can reduce the winning odds of the house to .5% and for that case the house will have 50.5% winning chances and the player will have 49.6% winning chances and that are the advantage for each player. Though, the payout is 2:1 so if you win only 49.5% games you will win twice of the dealer's winnings and that is the fact. If you call double down then the payouts will be even bigger so you have to use the best strategy to make sure you are winning or at least make sure that the dealer or house is not winning.

The Advantage of the Players

Blackjack: The Advantage of the Players

Busting Chances

Blackjack: Busting Chances
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